naturalized homestead

We offer fruit trees and perennial berries that you may not have tasted before as well as some of your favorites—and you might be amazed at how well they complement more traditional landscape plants. Combine them with shade trees and hedges for a beautiful and diverse property plan. 
If you are looking to do some landscaping, consider having your plants do double duty…ask us about edible options for your site!


what we sell

Tough & Tender

Our hardy offering that is tolerant to drought, heat, shade, sun, moisture, cold and salt is mixed with the delicate and rare beauty of heirloom varieties.
We’ll help you pair the right shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals to beautify your home.

Local & Lasting

We appreciate nature’s beauty and understand it comes with its own resiliency.
Our native perennials, shrubs and trees are well-adapted to our area—which means less fuss. Growing local plants that give year-round interest is one of our specialties. Let us help you add winter into your landscaping mix!

Edible & Exceptional

Before it became a trend, we were growing edibles. With fruit trees, shrubs, herbs, veggie seedlings, and seeds, we can help you make your own food forest.

Plants, people, knowledge and service.
It’s not only about what we sell; it’s also about what we expect from ourselves.