Starting seedings at Springvale Nurseries

all in the family

Mike Tero & Kelly Tarbox moved to Maine in the early 1980s. Kelly was returning home after studying design and working in the business world;  Mike had worked for one of New England’s premier plant breeders and studied botany in college.

Springvale Nurseries began in a field behind Kelly’s family farmhouse, where nursery stock was laid out to supply Mike's landscaping business.

Over the years, as they raised a family, the business grew, too. With their hard work and knowledge, Springvale Nurseries added greenhouse crops and moved from the farm to its current home at 1280 Main Street in Sanford.

Our new location represents an opportunity to build a garden center that is a shared vision between the two generations-one that beautifully reflects their values and reasons for being growers. 



Michael Tero, Co-Owner

Kelly Tarbox, Co-Owner

Julie Tero, Grower & Sales

how we grow

Healthy, vibrant plants are what we live for, and we're always striving to keep the nursery the cleanest and as disease free as possible. Whether that's using organic pesticides on our veggies or just sweeping the greenhouses everyday, we think how you do what you do is important.